Monday, 27 September 2010

Highlights 100% Design London 2010

There were 2 things you could grasp straight away at the Earls Court Design Show :  the persistent absence of the major (mostly Italian) furniture brands and the return of the bubbles. The so-much-missed champagne has been away from the London design premieres since Autumn 2008 and this year is back as if there is no tomorrow. Not sure if this is a sign of recovery for the design / building industry or the champagne one, nevertheless one of both seems to be back on track and this cannot be other but good news.

Things that have got my attention at the show are the Gira Event switch range in coloured transparent or opaque plastic and the Glink handbasin from Philip Watts Design (above). This one is a smallish polyethylene basin available in primary colours and can be wall or top mounted.
Same for the fabric range by Gina Pierce (top left) and the waterproofed Rangoni wallpaper collection (top right) by Singaporean designer Mike Tay inspired by Indian traditions. German taps manufacture Grohe brought the luxury touch with their Ondus Acquafountain range. Lounched a few years back this digital shower memorizes the user's water habits but more importantly: it provides a touchpad may you happen to miss yours while showering. However it is its beautiful velvet black satin finish what wins you over.

Ten - a collective of 10 designers -  proposes objects that you can do yourself. The projects come with plans and instructions but you are also encouraged to make your own version. Materials are recycled or available in DIY stores. Nina Tolstrup's design is for a mobile outdoor kitchen with gas cooking hob, a bucket sink, a chopping board and storage. Water would come from your garden hose and would go to a watering can. The materials for the structure: broomsticks, screws and plywood.

Going down in scale Korean designer Mina Kwag from Only 1 Degree... exhibited her range of rings, necklaces and earrings made out of recycled materials - buttons in this case. Wonderful the way she combines colours and shapes. Not sure she managed to keep up with demand at the show : by closed play of Thursday she had already sold most of them.

100% Design London / 23 - 26 September 2010

Pictures by PS