Friday, 12 November 2010

Madrid by Rafa Llano

Luces de Madrid / Madrid Lights

Rafa Llano is a self-taught photographer with an incredible energy and über-passion to never miss a shot. This post shows a selection of his best Madrid pictures and gets him to tell us about his work...

Rafa was born in Galicia and lives in Madrid.  

How did you begin?
I've been taking pictures ever since I remember, I even got a camera for my first communion. When digital cameras came out I got crazy with them but even more so with my first reflex, a present of an ex girlfriend. Reflex would allow you to go beyond compacts or at least beyond my use of compacts. 

Greatest inspiration?
Contrary to what it seems, I love taking pictures of people, playing with light, studio shootings... Anyhow it is much easier to get a building to pose for you than a person so that's why I tend to photograph more objects.

Most memorable shot?
A picture I took of sunflowers in a place called Villarcayo. I was in a meeting where my presence was pointless, so I went out to do a few pictures and I found the place, the light and the moment to shoot that photo.

Most interesting project?
The only one I am following is called "People Passing through my Home" (gente que va pasando por casa). I photograph everyone who comes to my place, in black and white and with side light.  

Upcoming projects you are most looking forward to?
Right now I am working on a project with BandArt (super interesting, look for them in YouTube). I will be shooting their gig at the Palau in Barcelona, actually I will be shooting everything from the first rehearsals to the concert. The project appeals a lot to me not only because it will allow me to do a kind of photography accessible only to a few but also because I will be working with geniuses of music, amazing really. 

Do you follow any photography blog?
I follow a lot of photographers through their work in flickr. Seeing others work is the only way to evolve especially for an autodidact like me...

A vueltas con las escaleras

Galeria en la carcel de Carabanchel / Prison gallery
Lo peor que puedes regalar a un curioso es una cámara digital
Elegiré la perdición / I will choose perdition
El lado oscuro / The dark side
Si encuentras una razón para olvidar yo encontraré una razón para partir / If you find a reason to forget I will find a reason to depart
Aquella noche en la que nos sentimos los amos del mundo / The one night we felt like world masters
Torres Blancas vistas desde una sucia ventana / Torres Blancas seen through a dirty window
Cielo morado, terrazas negras /  Who says the night isn't gothic?
Mis pies me piden nuevas calles que andar / My feet need new streets to walk
Ni en la zona financiera se duerme en Madrid / Not even the financial district gets any sleep in Madrid
Tio Pepe el rey de la Puerta del Sol (y van 100) / One guy dominating the Puerta del Sol ...Tio Pepe
Anochece en Madrid / Sunset in Madrid

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