Friday, 4 May 2012

SLUIZ : Wonderful Concept Store in Ibiza

There is something extraordinary about the store Sluiz in Santa Gertrudis that goes beyond the curated shopping experience. Initially, you'd be tempted to think that their hit is the charming combination of a singular space, funky products and a cool restaurant but on a closer look you realise that it is the wonderful arrangement of the products that makes this shop a unique one. Check it out yourself...

Wonderful the way Sluiz turns normal products into something special. In their second store in Ibiza - an hacienda-like complex with a warehouse annex on the road to Sant Miquel - they have grouped identical or similar products and gracefully arranged them in huge piles, columns, lines or as room dividers. A great way to make common objects become interesting but also to articulate such a big space.

Georg Lichtenberg shared a similar view when he said:
"If your little bit isn't extraordinary, say it at least in an extraordinary way" 
("Wenn Dein Bißchen an sich nichts Sonderbares ist, so sage es ein bißchen sonderbar")
Having said this, Sluiz specialises in funky products, which are of course in less need of special arrangement.

On another note but worth a highlight is Sluiz' outdoor furniture line. It is a straightforward range made with reclaimed timber and colourful, made-to-fit cushions.

More outdoor furniture with reclaimed timber at Cap des Falco Lounge Bar, Salinas Natural Park

Sluiz /  Santa Gertrudis / Ibiza 

Photos by PS