HYBRID 2020, Madrid's Coolest Emerging Art Fair

March 06, 2020

HYBRID, an emerging art fair set in the rooms of a Madrid hotel, comes as a breath of fresh air amid an Art Week predominantly defined by the same old.

The experience of going through rooms-turned-galleries is fun and intimate, mainly because the event is nicely curated but also because the artists are there. Artworks are good and affordable, and the show is gender balanced, sharply contrasting with ARCO, the main Art Week event, where only 32% of artists were women.
There are 35 young galleries, collectives and art/artist-run spaces from 10 countries exhibiting in the hotel rooms, while the communal areas are allocated to independent artists for site-specific installations.  
I loved the new media art by Brianna Lowe and Jenn E. Norton at two Canadian artist-run spaces: Ed Video from Guelph, Ontario, and V tape from Toronto.
Brianna Lowe's exhibit includes videos with exciting 3D representations and video game sceneries, while Jenn E Norton presents at the V Tape room an augmented reality and 3D-animated project that has been selected as Hybrid 2020 Best Exhibition. Norton's animated project features plant compositions when symbols displayed on the wall are viewed through an electronic device. The theme itself is as interesting as the medium. It is about the communication methods of plants and fungi that operate outside human perception. 
Left Brianna Lowe, Compressing Balls (2020), Ed Video Guelph Canada | Jenn E Norton, Not Present on the Year (2020), V tape Toronto


Some artworks nicely interact with the setting, such as Exodus in a Sink a site-specific work around a handbasin by Perfettipietro from artist-run Spazio Display Parma. Or the collage on a bed with works by Lucia VeronesiMarco Salvetti and Lorenzo di Lucido from Yellow, another artist-run space and invited by Hybrid as Special Project.

 Left Exodus in a Sink (2020), Perfettipietro, Spazio Display Parma | Works by Lucia Veronesi, Marco Salvetti, Lorenzo di Lucido, Yellow Milan
There is a performance on the visual paradox of masculinity by Ricardo Mena at the Cobertura Photo room, a Seville-based photography school/gallery, being recorded by artist María Pla. 
Ricardo Mena, Acullá Performance & María Pla, Doble Expo (2019),  Cobertura Photo Sevilla
The Susana Pardo gallery displays photography by Manuel Granados on the subject of waste pollution. In his series Árbol para un paisaje Granados explores the exchange between humans and nature with unusual waste bouquets. 

Árbol para un paisaje (2020), Manuel Granados, Galería Susana Pardo Barcelona

Aguas del gran sol (2005-20), Raúl Hidalgo, Galería Lamosa Cuenca | Paletas, Paco Vallejo, Raum E116 Berlin

Very interesting the work presented by Fotolateras, a collective of two, Lola Barcia and Marinela Forcadell, who travels the world with unusual pinhole cameras (light-proof boxes with a hole). They make their own cameras with coffee and biscuit cans, and use the different can shapes as specific lens types. When they travel, they carry up to 40 cans and improvise a darkroom in their hotel bathroom. The outcome are unique, slightly-distorted black and white pictures.

Pinhole photograph of London, Fotolateras Valencia

Home-made pinhole cameras, hotel room lab and biscuit can for landscape pictures showed by Lola Barcia, Fotolateras Valencia

Handmade banner by Joyce Overheul at the Lauwer Galleryand carbonized objects by Rani Sasson at the Almacén Gallery

Nevertheless She Persisted (2019), Joyce Overheul, Lauwer Gallery Den Haag | Rani Sasson, Almacén Gallery & Cultural Centre Tel Aviv


HYBRID Art Fair | Petit Palace Santa Bárbara Hotel, Plaza Santa Bárbara 10, Madrid | 28 February - 1 March 2020

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Featured Artists
Brianna Lowe
Jenn E Norton
Joyce Overheul
Lucia Veronesi, Marco Salvetti and Lorenzo di Lucido
Manuel Granados
Maria Pla
Paco Vallejo
Rani Sasson
Ricardo Mena
Raul Hidalgo

by PS. Cover picture, Colour is Pretty by Anbel


March 06, 2020

At JUSTMAD, an emerging art fair at Neptune Palace during Madrid Art Week, 50 galleries mostly from Spain and Portugal display some lovely artworks in an interesting double-height space with a galleria. 

I have loved the photographs of Filipe Branquinho brought by the Maputo-based Kulungwana Gallery. His Gurué series (above and below) shows the beautiful misty landscapes of the Gurué tea district described by the gallerist as a "unique phenomenon". Filipe, who lives and works in Maputo, was selected to exhibit at last year's Venice Biennale.

 Equally interesting was Eva Díez photography for which she has been awarded a special mention by the organisers.

Eva Díez, Lugar de ausenciaGalería Marisa Marimón Orense

Left Teresa Carneiro, Holding Dreams, 2019, Nuno Sacramento Gallery Ilhavo | Emiliano Suarez, Havana View Project, 2019

Lovely work by Lisbon-based Teresa Palma Rodrigues featured at the previously-mentioned Kulungwana Gallery: a beautiful flower series and a hand-painted table cloth with tile patterns and food marks of what could have been a last supper. 

The mix of photography and embroidery by Peruvian textile artist Ana Teresa Barboza returns to the Madrid Art Week after last year's success. Great to hear that her new work keeps the momentum and sells apparently quite well.

Left Ana Teresa Barboza, Paraiso, 2019, Galería La Gran Madrid | Teresa Palma Rodrigues, Herbario da Zona V, 2012-17 & Last Supper detail, 2019, both at Kulungwana Gallery Maputo

Filipe Branquinho, Red House (Gurué series), 2014, Kulungwana Gallery Maputo

Filipe Branquinho, Gurué series, Kulungwana Gallery Maputo

JUSTMAD | Palacio Neptuno, Cervantes 42, Madrid | 27 February - 1 March 2020 

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HYBRID 2020, Madrid's Coolest Emerging Art Fair

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