Friday, 13 June 2014

The Colours of Panama

The first thing you learn in Panama is that water is the country's main resource and that a cloudy sky is an essential and non-negotiable part of it. In spite of this, or possibly because of it, everything under that grey sky seems to be wonderfully tinted. Buildings being no exception. The colour palettes are endless (primary, colonial, pastel...) and the quirky colour combinations, something you can't help loving.

Biodiversity Museum in Panama City by Frank Gehry.
Biomuseo | Photo ©Victoria Murillo,
Biomuseo | Photo ©Victoria Murillo,

Biomuseo | Photo ©Victoria Murillo,

Biomuseo during the Night of the Museums

"Somos Luz", a wonderful project by Boa Mistura for the Bienal del Sur in the Chorrillo neighbourhood in Panama City. Boa Mistura uses urban art to enhance deprived neighbourhoods across the globe.

Begonia Building, El Chorrillo, April 2013 | Photo © BoaMistura
 The helpers | Photo © BoaMistura
Begonia Building, El Chorrillo before the works | Photo © BoaMistura

Sadly, the beautiful mural got partially painted over.
Begonia Building, El Chorrilo, April 2014

El Chorrillo | Panama City
Universidad de Panamá | Panama City
Building in Avenida de los Poetas | Panama City

The Canopy Tower, a lovely hotel for wildlife watching set in a former military installation amidst an impressive rainforest.
Canopy Tower | Soberanía National Park | Gamboa

Observation Deck, Canopy Tower | Gamboa
Canopy Tower | Gamboa

Gatún Locks at the Canal

Bus Station | Colón
Kuna woman | Rio Cartí, Guna Yala

Cover picture: City of Knowledge Exhibition Hall, Panama City | Project by Boa Mistura & students of ISTHMUS (Architectural and Design School for Latin America and the Caribbean) | Photo © Boa Mistura

Other pictures by PS unless otherwise stated